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Macy Weitzel

My grandpa who is 80 just found out that he has a mass on his right kidney. He's supposed to have a CT scan and an ultrasound done sometime soon to see exactly what it is. I speak that by time he goes into the doctor's office to have the mass looked at that, it's completely dissolved and no sign or residue of anything ever being there on his right kidney. I serve the God of miracles and I know NOTHING is too big for Him!! I ask for God to increase my healing annointing so that when I see my grandpa this weekend I'll be able to pray for him and that God completely heals him! Thank you to everyone who stands in agreement with me!

Received: March 29, 2018

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Someone I know tends to fall under pressure and depression, he is doing what he can to do well at school, sports and social life..however with all this compiling over him he gets off track in life and seems lost, loses interest and motivation. He is so unhappy and isn't looking well...please pray for him for a specific way to find his happiness and to think straight.

Received: March 28, 2018

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Prayed for 30 times.


Hello everyone. I recently applied for the nursing program in my area and didn’t get in. I also applied for the OTA program in my area and was not selected. My scores were high enough, but they chose others for the programs. I applied at a bank in town and got an interview but was not hired. I am asking for prayers to remain strong in my faith that God has a plan for my life. His thoughts are higher than my thoughts, and I know he has a divine plan for my and my son’s life!

Received: March 27, 2018

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Prayed for 32 times.

Tony stuher

Tony collapsed this morning ether had a seizure or stroke. Waiting for diagnosis, but Tony is critical.

Received: March 27, 2018

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Prayed for 27 times.

Angela Eisen

First I need to praise and glorify my healing and saving God Jesus. And say that God has been speaking to me about being healed through fervent prayer and worship. I have been fighting for healing for almost 14 years now. It started when I was diagnosed with celiacs disease, then over the years it has turned into a severe hormonal imbalance. The only way I can explain it is, I am the woman with the issue of blood who fought through the crowd to touch the hem of Jesus’ robe. Most days it takes all my strength just to get out of bed and get ready for the day. But I believe in the power of prayer and I believe what the Word says that where two or more agree in prayer Jesus hears. I know that He hears every prayer and even though at times we can’t hear Him, He honors every prayer. Thank you all for your prayers and I’m trusting for my complete and total healing and for the healing of all who pray for me and those on this prayer wall. God is good all the time! Yes and Amen!

Received: March 26, 2018

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Prayed for 33 times.


Please pray for my friends. The husband had alzheimers and he is getting very difficult. He is starting to have outbursts. Please pray for his wife.

Also pray for my brother in law. He has diabetic ulcers on his foot and leg. The doctor wants ro amputate his leg. He is only 54 years old. Please help us pray for a miacle.

Thanks so much


Received: March 24, 2018

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Prayed for 34 times.

Kellie Heath

The prayers here I know were very much a part of my husband Ian's life being saved and being able to walk just a few weeks ago after being ejected from his truck

in the ice storm here in mo..and having his spinal cord secured..God has been huge and so many peoples faith have been strengthened watch him start walking his big struggle and he is trying so hard not to be fearful and pray and complete restoration of his bladder function after spine surgery and a catheter for over 3 weeks while hospitalized...they say it should return to where he can urinate on his own...but as of now he has to self cath every single time...he has been so strong after an unbelievable encounter with Jedus through this...changed in a mighty way....but we are holding tight to believing the report of the Lord for his bladder as I even pray over him with anointed olive oil.... In Jesus name...

Received: March 22, 2018

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Prayed for 31 times.

Nancy Gray

Karri Blansit had a brain hemorrhage 5 days after giving birth to her daughter almost 19 years ago. She is in a semi vegetative state and on a feeding tube. She has a strong love and trust in the Lord.

Received: March 22, 2018

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Prayed for 22 times.


Prayer for the complete manifestation of my healing from the diagnosis of MS. Balance, strength and endurance restored.

Received: March 22, 2018

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Prayed for 23 times.

Natalie Weedman

Please pray for my friend BethAnn. She recently had a foot surgery and got an infection which the docs think is quite serious and may cause loss of bone in her foot, or even the whole foot itself. She will be having six weeks of an IV antibiotic treatment with home health. I am binding all forms of infection in Jesus name and believing for quick healing and wholeness. Also no fear for Beth Ann. Thank you so much for praying!!

Received: March 22, 2018

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