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Courtney M

Hello, we are needing some bold and healing prayers for our third child Avery Grace. She is 5 months old. She is Down syndrome and has a hole in her heart as well.

Late Saturday night, we bought her into Childrens Mercy in KC. She had been sick and fever for 4 days and this day she wasn’t breathing good and her heart rate was through the roof.

We are in the PICU now and things are taking a turn for the worst. She has a virus/flu that heart babies have trouble fight off like regular kiddos. She had a 45 min seizure from her high fever of 106. During that they gave her high doses of seizure medication and she has not been really responsive. She was put in a ventilator and is getting blood transfusions. Her liver is needing the to become better! It’s not working right so she can’t flush out the seizure medication. She hasn’t opened her eyes in 24hrs.

Needing healing prayers from her hole in her heart, her lungs not to get too much fluid in them, for her not to get high temperature again, for her to wake up and for her liver to process how it’s supposed to process.

Courtney Meyer

Received: April 23, 2018

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